Behind The Screen

Behind the Screen

My name is Liv, and I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse located in East Anglia. Originating from London, I am very lucky to have the ‘best of both words’ within my grasp. I am very lucky to have the vast open countryside right on my doorstep, which is perfect for dog walking!

When I was 16 my dream of becoming a Veterinary Nurse began, shortly after I got my first dog, Wellington, a Standard Schnauzer. I have always been fond of Schnauzers. Their eyebrows and beards always made me chuckle. At 16 years old, I was very proactive at searching for a suitable breeder. We found the lovely Mrs Brixley in Yorkshire, and after visit to see the litter, and a lot of negotiating and pestering my parents; Wellie came home to us in August of 2011.

During my time at University, I started to focus on more unusual dog breeds. I decided to research these because I would be encountering then in practice, and I fell in love with the Nihon Ken, the 6 native dog breeds of Japan. Initially, I fell in love with the Shiba Inu, and continued to research them for many years. However, close to the end of my university life, I stumbled across the Hokkaido Ken.

I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Veterinary Nursing, and started working full time. My family had always wanted to add a second dog to the household, however due to personal circumstances, a second dog would not be ideal at that time.

After another 4 years of research, and lots of trawling the internet later, I found a breeder of Hokkaido Ken in the UK. I found Lindsey, of Toboetsuki Inuits and Hokkaido Ken, and struck up a conversation with her in 2018. At the time, she had one of 2 Hokkaido in the country at the time, and was planning to have a litter from her bitch Kirin with a stunning male in Finland, called Kuro.

Fast-forward to February 2019, many facebook messages and a friendship later, Kirin and her mate Kuro welcomed 4 healthy Hokkaido puppies into the world, and the first litter of Hokkaido Ken born on UK soil!