Health Testing

Health Testing

Here at Ichiyo Kensha, we take health testing very seriously.  We will only breed our dogs if they have the best health test results.  Currently, our foundation bitch is too young to be health tested.  She has however, had an Embark DNA test done. 

She will have a BVA (British Veterinary Association) hip and elbow score done at 1 year old, as well as a complete eye screen which will be done by a BVA accredited veterinary
ophthalmologist.  The eye test will be conducted at a specialist referral hospital.

She will also have a cardiac ultrasound conducted by a specialist veterinary cardiologist, which will be done at a specialist referral veterinary center. Most breeders will have their dogs hearts checked manually (by their local vet with a stethoscope).  However, here at Ichiyo Kensha, we believe a cardiac ultrasound by a specialist is the best way to test heart health, as the full anatomy of the heart can be seen on a scan.  This means if there are any problems that cannot be picked up via a stethoscope, they can be picked up by an ultrasound scan.

Please note, we will ONLY breed from our foundation bitch if all of her health tests are suitable.

We will upload all of her health test certificates to this page.