Momo came to us on the 16th April. She is from the first Hokkaido Ken litter in the UK. She is our foundation bitch, but most importantly a much loved pet and family member.

Momo has a very independent personality, and is extremely confident. She settled in almost immediately upon her return home, and instantly tried to challenge Wellington! Having come from a home with 3 large northern Inuit dogs’, Momo is no stranger to challenging and playing with animal much larger than herself.

Momo means ‘peach’ in Japanese. We called her this because when she was born she was fussy like a peach, and has peachy tipped ears, which have really become orange as she has grown! She has really come out of her shell, and is not daunted by new or unfamiliar situations.

During Momo’s first week with us we worked hard on noise and sight desensitization. She went for a walk (in my arms) at a big estate local to us, where she fell asleep in my arms! She went to 3 different vet practices and met lots of veterinary staff, including my friends whom I work with. She also went to the pub with me, and, not surprisingly, fell asleep on the table! We also ventured to the beach, a local busy market, and she has already played with lots of dogs of all shapes and sizes, and interacted with lots of people.

Momo is a fearless, beautiful little girl who is not afraid to through her attitude and confidence around. Wellington may not appreciate her confidence, and he is quick to tell her off, but we are glad she is already flourishing into a confident dog who will not be phased by unusual situations. She is a lovely addition to our family, and a perfect foundation bitch. She is Collie Eye anomaly clear which is a huge for the breed as a whole, and especially for the breed in the UK. We are excited for her future health test results. However, until then, we are enjoying her as a puppy and a much loved family member. She will be accompanying us on dog shows around the country in 2019/2020 acting as an ambassador for the breed, and to showcase the Hokkaido Ken to the public of the UK!

Kennel Club Pedigree name: Toboetsuki go Mimi wo Sumaseba

Call Name: Momo, Moo, Big Mo

Sex: Female (entire)

D.O.B: 18 February 2019

Breed: Hokkaido Ken

Eye Colour: Brown

Colour: White

Coat: Double coat, standard length

Breeder Lindsey Hiscocks of Toboestuki Hokkaido Ken

Eye Test: CEA Clear

Dam: Moro Kirin Kyuden Kitsune

Sire: Chitose Washi Kitami Hokuryuusou