Wellington is an 8 year-old Standard Schnauzer.  Although he is not used as a breeding dog, he is a much-loved family member and pet.  Wellington came into my life at a very difficult time.  I was a teenager, struggling with school, and I didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in my life.  Wellington gave me direction, and helped me chose my career as a veterinary nurse.  Realising that he needed care, love, affection, and attention, made me decide that I wanted to do this for other animals that are not my own!

I am not sure where I got Wellingtons’ name from, but it really suits him!  If he were a person he would be a country boy wearing tweed!  Wellington came to us from a breeder in Yorkshire.  Wellington has a larger than life personality, and never fails to make us laugh!

Upon researching Schnauzers, various breeders and websites state that standard schnauzers need 1-2 hours of exercise a day.  It became very apparently that Wellington did not fit into this category!  My mother and I work full time, so we initially found it hard to give Wellie the exercise he needed.  We then found a qualified dog behaviourist and dog walker, whom now takes Wellington out every day for over 5 hours a day, and despite being 8 years old, hasn’t slowed down a bit!  Wellington really is pampered, and LOVES being out with other dogs and playing with them!  He is an avid hunter, and retains much of his hunting instinct and cannot be let off lead in open spaces.  He always has his nose in the grass and regularly catches various critters in the grass!

He has certain doggy friends whom he loves more than anything, and he is very good with puppies!  Being a typical schnauzer, he will bark at most dogs he sees (not out of aggression, or fear, he just REALLY likes his voice to be heard sometimes!) which can give some owners and other dogs the wrong impression!  He loves attention and we describe him as the class clown!  He is a relatively quiet dog in the house however, and only barks at signs of ‘intruders’ (the post man to you and me).


Kennel Club Pedigree name: Shabaal Beetle Browed
Call Name: Wellington, Wellie, Boots
Sex: Male (N)
D.O.B: 27th June 2011
Breed: Standard Schnauzer
Eye Colour: Brown
Colour: Black
Coat: Double coat, soft due to clipping
Breeder Mrs Brixley of Schabaal Schnauzers
Eye Test: Clear
Dam: Schabaal Zebrina (RIP)
Sire: Tacillan Yes Please (FN CH)