Useful Links

Toboetsuki Inuits and Hokkaido Ken

Lindsey is the lovely breeder of our foundation Hokkaido ken. She is located in Wiltshire, and is a fantastic breeder, and a good friend!

Association of Nihon Ken [UK]

There is no official breed club for the Hokkaido Ken in the UK, as they are not recognised with the UK Kennel Club. The Association of Nihon Ken is a breed club that focuses on all 6 native Nihon Ken. They particular focus on the 4 medium sized breeds (Kai Ken, Shikoku Ken, Kihu Ken, and Hokkaido Ken). The ANK is a valuable source of information for these fabulous breeds, and also attend dog shows where they have a meet the breed stand!

Royal Veterinary College

Our kennel is run by a Registered Veterinary Nurse, and we follow the strict Code Of Porfesisonal Conduct for Veterinary Nurses in everything we do.

The Code of conduct can be found here

Nihon Ken Network

 This site has a list of all the ‘known’ breeders in Europe and the world (the list is unfinished). This site is a good starting block if you wish to find out more about the Nihon Ken breeds.